Can I give my subscribers free gifts periodically?

A clever retention strategy that many subscription boxes implement is adding a free gift to subscribers' shipments periodically. For example, you might want to include a free gift with the subscriber's 5th shipment as a way of dissuading them from churning.

With Conjured Subscriptions, it's easy to add a free gift to a specific shipment number. We call each successful shipment a "cycle". When a customer first subscribes, that order is cycle 1. The next time their subscription renews will be cycle 2, and so on. Skipped and cancelled shipments won't increment the cycle number - so if a subscriber skips their July cycle 2 shipment, their August shipment will still be considered cycle 2.

To add a product based on the subscriber's shipment cycle, start by going to the Subscription Box details page and clicking on the Shipments tab. 

Click the "Add Cycle-Based Shipment" button in the top right corner. In the form that shows up, ensure that "Shipment Type" is set to "Cycle-Based Shipment", then enter the cycle number (ex: 5) for the shipment in the following field.

Cycle based shipments can either replace date-based shipments (in the case of implementing a set of on-boarding shipments, for example), or can be added to date-based shipments. To add a gift to the shipment, you'll want to make sure "Add to Date-Based Shipment" is selected.

Finally, in the case of the "Inventory Limit Applies To" setting allows you to optionally have different inventory limit rules for the initial subscription shipment than for subsequent shipments. For example, let's say you set the Inventory Limit on all your products in the shipment to be 25, meaning that if you have 25 or less of that item in inventory, it won't be included in the subscriber's shipment. If you exclude Cycle #1 from the "Inventory Limit Applies To" setting, then when the subscriber first signs up, their Cycle 1 shipment can include a product even if it has fewer than 25 left in inventory.

Fill out the rest of the form as usual and hit the save button at the bottom of the screen. Now any subscriber whose shipment has the cycle number you set up the shipment for will receive the products included in the cycle-based shipment in addition to the products you have set up in a date-based shipment.

Note: For help with the other options and settings on the Add Shipment page, refer to the tutorials What do the "mandatory", "default", and "available" product options do in the Subscription Box shipments? and Can I prevent my subscribers from receiving a product they've already gotten in a previous shipment?.

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