Does Conjured Subscriptions integrate with Churn Buster?

Out of the box, Conjured Subscriptions comes with basic passive churn management. The app allows for up to 7 total charge attempts on a shipment (the first attempt, plus 6 re-billing attempts) in the case that the subscriber's payment method fails. After the final attempt, their subscription will be considered lapsed, and they'll need to login to their dashboard to reactivate it. Along with these 6 optional re-billing attempts are emails that you can enable to notify the customer their payment method has failed.

If you're looking to have more control over your passive churn campaigns (such as smart timing and message optimization), Conjured Subscriptions integrates with Churn Buster

In order to integrate Churn Buster with Conjured Subscriptions, you'll need to get your Account ID and your API Key by going to:

Replace ACCOUNT_NAME in the URL with your account name - you can see that by visiting and looking at what comes after /accounts/ in the URL.

Once you have your Account ID and API Key, head to Conjured Subscriptions, navigate to Settings > General, and scroll down to the section titled "Churn Buster Integration". Hit the "Enable" button, enter your Account ID and API Key, and save your changes.

Conjured Subscriptions will now notify Churn Buster of the following:

  • Failed charges
  • Successful charges
  • Skipped, paused, or rescheduled shipments
  • Actively cancelled subscriptions

If you have any trouble with the integration or have any questions about how it works, contact us at

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