Does Conjured Subscriptions integrate with Advanced Shipping Manager?

By default, Conjured Subscriptions offers the options of charging no shipping, or charging flat rate shipping on your Subscription Box. If you want more custom options (such as free shipping over a certain dollar amount), or if you want to charge shipping on one-time products purchased via Conjured Subscriptions' checkout, you can integrate Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager is an app that allows you to manage your shipping rates in Shopify. Please note that we have no affiliation at all with Advanced Shipping Manager. If there's a shipping app you'd prefer we integrate with instead, either add it to our feedback forum for voting, or contact us at

To integrate Advanced Shipping Manager, you'll need to first install their app, and then email their support to request your Platform ID and Store ID for use with their API. Once you have those values, head to the Settings > General page within Conjured Subscriptions. Scroll to the "Advanced Shipping Manager Integration" section, toggle the "Enable" button, and enter the Platform ID and Store ID you received from Advanced Shipping Manager. Save your changes.

Once you've integrated Advanced Shipping Manager, you can use their app to manage all your shipping rates. Those rates will be reflected at checkout and in all recurring shipments going forward.

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