Does Conjured Subscriptions integrate with Conjured Referrals?

Of course we do :)

When you integrate Conjured Subscriptions with Conjured Referrals, the reward for Advocates who are subscribers will automatically be credits against their most expensive subscription. If your Advocate isn't a subscriber, they'll receive a discount code or gift card as usual.

For example, let's say you set up a "Give $20, Get $20" style referral campaign using Conjured Referrals. One of your subscribers, Alice, who has two subscriptions - one that costs $25/month and one that costs $50/month - refers her friend Bob. Bob makes a purchase in your store using the $20 discount code he received. Alice will now receive $20 worth of credits against her most expensive subscription - in other words, she'll get 0.4 credits on her $50/month subscription. 

To integrate Conjured Subscriptions with Conjured Referrals, start by emailing to find out your Conjured Subscriptions URL value. Then go to the Integrations page within Conjured Referrals, enter that URL, and save your changes. 

NOTE: If you'd like referred Friends (such as Bob in the example above) to be able to use their discount codes to purchase subscription products, be sure to enable Shopify Discount Code Sync within Conjured Subscriptions.

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