Does Conjured Subscriptions add anything to my theme upon installation?

Yes, Conjured Subscriptions adds two files to your theme upon installation.

This file serves as the layout for both the Conjured checkout and post-checkout "Thank You" page. It is a duplicate of your layout/theme.liquid file initially, however it is typically changed over the course of development

This file will contain a number of important functions. It contains your customer hash, which is integral to being able to authenticate your users. In addition, it contains javascript functions that redirect the checkout buttons on your store to Conjured's checkout if the customer has a subscription item in their cart.

Conjured Subscriptions also edits your layout/theme.liquid file to add the following line just before the closing head tag (</head>):

{% render 'conjured_subscriptions_required' %}

While Conjured Subscriptions won't do this automatically, we highly recommend adding a redirect in your layout/checkout.liquid file to ensure that subscribers are sent to the correct checkout when they have a subscription item in their cart. If you don't have the file layout/checkout.liquid in your theme, you'll need to contact your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager to get it enabled. Once you have that file, you can wrap the contents in the following:

{% assign has_subscription = false %}
{% for item in checkout.line_items %}
  {% if item.product.type == 'Conjured Subscription' %}
    {% assign has_subscription = true %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% if has_subscription %}
  <script type="text/javascript">
{% else %}
  <!-- put the checkout.liquid content here -->
{% endif %}

Other Additions
The final changes Conjured Subscriptions make to your theme are when you create a new subscription box. For each subscription box created, a new product template file called templates/product.SUBSCRIPTION_BOX_SLUG.liquid is created based on your templates/product.liquid file, where "SUBSCRIPTION_BOX_SLUG" represents the URL slug of the Subscription Box. For more information on that process, have a look at the help article, "What does Conjured Subscriptions add to my store when a subscription box is created?".

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