What does Conjured Subscriptions add to my store when a subscription box is created?

For each subscription box created, a new product is created in Shopify with the product type "Conjured Subscription". This product serves as a "container" for all the items included in your shipments. 

For example, in the case of a "subscribe and save" style program, you'll see the "container" product, which will show the cost of the subscription, and the subscription product:

In the case of a "membership" style program, there might not be anything included in the order except the "container" product:

Finally, in the case of a "box of the month" style program, you may have multiple items included in your subscription box, as well as the subscription "container" product: 

Theme Additions
In addition to creating a unique "container" product for each subscription box, Conjured Subscriptions creates a template file called  templates/product.SUBSCRIPTION_BOX_SLUG.liquid based on your templates/product.liquid file, where "SUBSCRIPTION_BOX_SLUG" represents the URL slug of the Subscription Box. 

This file will serve the page for the subscription box product. Depending on your needs, this file might simply redirect to a non-subscription product (in the case of a "subscribe and save" option, for example), or it may contain a fully-fledged onboarding experience for your subscribers. 

If you accidentally delete your "container" product, refer to the help article "I accidentally deleted the subscription box "container" product. Help!" for assistance.

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