Does Conjured Subscriptions add a new product when the Subscription Box is created?

Yes, when you create a new Subscription Box in Conjured Subscriptions, a new product will be created in Shopify with the same name as your Subscription Box and a product type set to "Conjured Subscription". A new product template is also created within your theme for that subscription product.

The subscription product acts as a "container" product for all your subscription orders. 

As the description says, do not edit or delete the product, or Conjured Subscriptions won't be able to function properly. The four things you can edit in the product without any issue are: Media, Tags, and Theme templates. DO NOT delete or change the variants in the product, or remove the product from the Online Store, or your subscription orders will not flow through properly.

The theme template that is added to your theme is called templates/product.your-subscription-box-slug.liquid where "your-subscription-box-slug" is the URL slug specified when you created your Subscription Box. You can edit this template to provide the onboarding experience for your subscription.

Once you've created your Subscription Box, you'll see the following settings at the bottom of the Overview tab of the Subscription Box details page.

This is the setting that connects your Subscription Box to its "container" product. If you change the product to another product on your store, all data (title, description, variants, etc) will be overwritten, so we do not recommend touching this setting. The only exception is if you've accidentally deleted the "container" product from your Shopify store. In that case, you'll need to create a new product in Shopify, and then connect that new product to the Subscription Box by selecting it for the "Subscription Box Product" setting.

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