How can I specify different preferences / tracks / options for a Subscription Box?

In most cases, merchants will want to offer their subscribers options within their Subscription Box that determine which products or variants are included in their shipment. 

Here are a few examples of subscription boxes and their corresponding preferences:

  • A Clothing Subscription might require a Size preference, allowing the subscriber to choose between Small, Medium, or Large.
  • A Jewelry Subscription might want to give their subscribers a Metal option, allowing them to choose between Gold, Silver, or Any Metal.
  • A Coffee Subscription might want to offer the option of a 1lb Bag or a 5lb Bag.

When creating the subscription box, you can add your preferences to the Subscription Options section. Give each preference a name and separate the corresponding values by commas.

If you'd like to specify different pricing for different preferences (for example, charge more for a 5lb bag of coffee than a 1lb bag), please refer to the help article How do I specify different prices for different preferences within my Subscription Box?.

Once you've created your subscription box, you'll be able to add products to each preference type in the Shipments tab of the Subscription Box details page. You can specify different mandatory, default, and available products for each preference, allowing you to control exactly what items are included in each track.

NOTE: Preferences can't be added or changed once the subscription box has active subscribers. If you'd like to modify your subscription box preferences once you have active subscribers, please contact us!

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