Can I collect additional information at signup from my subscribers?

You sure can! Conjured Subscription gives you the ability to collect information at checkout that will add a custom tag to the Shopify Customer. You can use this option to gather demographic data, collect t-shirt sizes for free gifts, or find out how a customer heard about your store.

When adding or editing a Subscription Box, scroll down to the Custom Tags section of the page. Here, add the tag "name", and the possible values for that tag, separated by commas.

In order to collect the data from your customer, you'll need to add some code to your Shopify theme. When a customer adds the subscription to their cart, you'll need to add a line item property corresponding to the tag you're collecting information for. For example, if you are collecting information about the customer's "Favorite Color", you can add the following field to the "add-to-cart" form on your product page:

<select name="properties[_Favorite Color]">
  <option value="Red">Red</option>
  <option value="Blue">Blue</option>
  <option value="Green">Green</option>
  <option value="Other">Other</option>

Make sure to prefix the tag name with an underscore when adding it as a property. When a customer checks out, a tag will be added to their Customer profile in Shopify corresponding to the option they selected. For example, if the subscriber selected Blue in the example above, the tag would look like this:

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