Do subscribers have to have an account to checkout? Can I force them to have an account to checkout?

When you create a new Subscription Box, by default your subscribers don't need to have an account in order to checkout. However, many merchants prefer that their subscribers create an account before checking out with a subscription product. It adds slightly more friction upfront, however it dramatically lowers the support costs later since customers already know where to go to manage their own subscription. Conjured Subscriptions offers you the option, on an individual Subscription Box basis.

Head to the Overview tab of the Subscription Box details page and scroll down to the Additional Settings section. Find the setting titled "Force customers to have an account before checking out?" and set it to "Yes".

Now, if a subscriber is not logged in and they try to checkout, they'll receive an error prompting them to login. 

We also recommend you add an error message or redirect to the Checkout page on the Settings > Page Styles page within Conjured Subscriptions. You can use the following liquid code as a guide:

{% if conjured_requires_account %}
  <!-- redirect or show login error -->
{% endif %}
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