My subscriber somehow checked out using Shopify's checkout instead of Conjured Subscriptions' checkout. How can I prevent this from happening again?

This issue occurs when a customer is able to check out with a subscription product using Shopify's checkout instead of Conjured's checkout. As a result, Conjured doesn't create a subscription for the new customer, and doesn't have access to the customer's billing information.

You'll need to ask that customer to check out again using the correct checkout so that the subscription can be registered correctly in Conjured. First, you'll want to go through the list below to make sure you've fixed the issue.

Add A Redirect
To begin with, you'll want to add a redirect in your layout/checkout.liquid file to ensure that subscribers are sent to the correct checkout when they have a subscription item in their cart. If you don't have the file layout/checkout.liquid in your theme, you'll need to contact your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager to get it enabled. Once you have that file, you can wrap the contents in the following:

{% assign has_subscription = false %}
{% for item in checkout.line_items %}
  {% if item.product.type == 'Conjured Subscription' %}
    {% assign has_subscription = true %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% if has_subscription %}
  <script type="text/javascript">
{% else %}
  <!-- put the checkout.liquid content here -->
{% endif %}

Turn off Accelerated Checkouts
Accelerated Checkout within Shopify bypasses the checkout layout entirely, and because Shopify doesn't provide a way to redirect the customer out of that checkout flow, it's necessary to turn the feature off. In Shopify, go to your Settings page and click Payments. In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage, then uncheck all the boxes under the Accelerated Checkouts section. 

Once you've made both changes above, you shouldn't see any additional customers accidentally using the Shopify checkout instead of Conjured's checkout for subscription purchases.

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