What is the "inventory limit" option for Subscription Box shipment products?

In some instances, you may want to prevent a product from selling out of stock via your subscriptions. 

For example, suppose you have a Quarterly Candle Subscription, and you also sell candles individually outside of a subscription. You may not care if most of your scents get sold out via subscription shipments, but if Vanilla is your best-seller outside of subscriptions, you might want to make sure you always have some in reserve for one-time purchase. 

When creating a shipment, you'd set the inventory limit to the minimum amount of inventory required for the product to be included in a subscription shipment. In the screenshot above, you can see that Vanilla's Inventory Limit is set to 50, which means that once the inventory of the Vanilla candle hits 50 or less, it will no longer be included in subscription shipments and the app will automatically select the first item on the list of Available Products instead.

The one optional exception to this is the first cycle (meaning, the very first subscription shipment after signup). In some cases, you might want to ensure that Vanilla can be sent in that very first shipment, even if the inventory is less than 50. In order to exclude the first cycle from the Inventory Limit, you can set the "Inventory Limit Applies To" setting to "All Cycles except Cycle #1".

If all the product options in your shipment are at or below their inventory limit, you'll receive an email to the notification email you have set on the Settings page of Conjured Subscriptions informing you that you're out of stock and need to update your shipments.

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