How can I tell why subscribers are churning?

Conjured Subscriptions comes with a report (Reports > Cancellations) that displays the cancellation reasons, along with a way to filter by both date and Subscription Box. 

Most of the cancellation reasons are custom-specified by you in the Account Dashboard page (Settings > Page Styles), however there are a few cancellation reasons that are generated automatically.

Admin Cancellation: This indicates that an administrator turned autorenew off for a subscription without entering a cancellation reason.

Failed Charge: This indicates the subscription's autorenew setting was turned off due to passive churn. You can try charging the customer up to 7 times before their subscription becomes lapsed. You can learn more about this process in our help article, What happens if a subscription charge fails?.

If you're using a custom BI tool, you can find all the churns and their reasons in the shopify_subscription_actions table. Filter on name="action.subscription.autorenew_off" and the cancellation reason will be located in the notes column. 

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