What is Conjured Subscriptions?

Conjured Subscriptions makes managing recurring membership fees or subscription box shipments on Shopify Plus a snap. It's reliable and caters to the needs of brands looking for greater customization and control over their customers' user experience.

We originally built Conjured Subscriptions when a client we were working with wanted to transition from Cratejoy to Shopify, but felt the existing recurring billing apps were too rigid to satisfy their needs. They already knew that subscriptions were working for them, and they wanted to have a greater level of control over both their user experience and the features they offered.

Since then, we've continued building Conjured Subscriptions as a platform aimed at Shopify Plus stores who are serious about subscriptions and want more flexibility and customizability than the publicly available apps in the Shopify app store. We work closely with our merchants, and if the exact feature they're looking for isn't already possible, we build it for them. 

If you're ready to level up your subscription offering, contact us today to set up a demo!

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