How can I start using Conjured Subscriptions?

Discovery & Demo: 
When you first contact us, we'll start by setting up a call to discuss your subscription needs. This is the "discovery" phase of our process. During the initial call, we'll get a sense for whether Conjured Subscriptions will be a good fit for your use case, and if it is, we can set up a demo so you can see the inner workings of the platform as it is currently built.

Scoping & Proposal
After the demo, we'll work with you or your agency to form a scope of work. The scope may be very minimal, limited to simply installation and setting the app up, or it could be much broader, including new features, custom functionality, importing subscribers from another platform, and front-end development. Once we've agreed on the scope of work, we'll send you a proposal with a timeline and a quote for the price of the implementation. For smaller scopes, we can typically turn the project around within 3-4 weeks.

During this phase, we'll add your custom features and do any associated front-end development work that's needed. We often work in conjunction with your design and/or development agency who design the customer-facing UI/UX, but are also happy to work solo - whatever best suits your needs.

Delivery & Training
Once everything has been tested on your development store, we'll handle the installation and integration on your live production store. If you're moving from an another subscription service or app, we'll do the import at this point. Finally, we'll train you and your staff on the functions of the app and how to manage your subscriptions. 

Support & Grow Together
After delivery, we provide ongoing support for as long as you continue using the app. If there's a feature that you'd like accelerated on our roadmap, we often work with clients one-on-one to scope the feature, quote it, and build it to their specifications. We are continually adding new features at the request of our clients, and you'll get access to all those newly added features.

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