Can my subscribers skip their upcoming shipment?

They sure can, but only if you give them the option to in their subscription management dashboard. 

Skipping an upcoming shipment marks that shipment as skipped, meaning it will not be charged. The upcoming shipment date doesn't change, and the subscriber can "unskip" their shipment at any time (provided you also give them the option to do that).

To skip or unskip an upcoming shipment, you can make an AJAX call to /a/subscription/skip-shipment on your store's domain containing the following information:

  "id": shipment_id,
  "skip": skip,
  "cid": '{{ }}',
  "email": '{{ }}',
  "hash": '{{ conjured_customer_hash }}',
  "ajax": true

The shipment_id variable should contain the ID of the upcoming shipment and the skip variable should be a boolean indicating whether to skip (true) or unskip (false) the shipment. The AJAX call will return the following:

  "is_error": false,
  "error": "Error message here"

If there is an error, is_error will be true and error will contain the error message.

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