Can my subscribers change their upcoming shipment date?

Yes, if you allow them to!

The UI/UX of the shipment management is completely up to you, however what we see most frequently is something like the following:

To change the date of an upcoming shipment, you can make an AJAX call to /a/subscription/change-shipment-date on your store's domain containing the following information:

  "id": shipment_id,
  "scheduled_at": scheduled_at,
  "cid": '{{ }}',
  "email": '{{ }}',
  "hash": '{{ conjured_customer_hash }}'

The shipment_id variable should contain the ID of the upcoming shipment and the scheduled_at variable should be the new desired date for the upcoming shipment. The AJAX call will return the following:

  "is_error": false,
  "error": "Error message here",
  "id": shipment_id,
  "shipping_date_formatted": "August 19, 2020"

If there is an error, is_error will be true and error will contain the error message.

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