Can I pause my subscriber's subscription until a specific date?

Sometimes your subscriber will ask you to pause their subscription for them for some number of months or until a certain date (for example, in the case that they're going out of town). 

In order to pause a subscription, first find that subscriber on the View > Subscribers page within the app and navigate to the Subscriptions tab. Find the subscription you want to pause and enter the date you want to pause the subscription until in the "Pause Subscription Shipments Until" field.

The way this feature works is that any shipments that fall before the date specified will be automatically skipped. For example, if a subscriber's next monthly shipment is scheduled for August 15, and they have opted to pause until September 1, their August 15 shipment will be skipped, and their next shipment after that will be scheduled for September 15.

If you'd like to offer your subscribers the ability to pause their subscriptions themselves, refer to the help article Can my subscribers pause their shipments until a specific date?.

If you'd like to change the exact date of the subscriber's upcoming shipment, refer to the help article Can I change the upcoming shipment date for my subscriber?.

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