How can I see how many unredeemed subscription gifts are outstanding or scheduled for the future?

Conjured Subscriptions provides an Undredeemed Gifts report (Reports > Unredeemed Gifts) that displays both all unredeemed gifts from the past and all gifts that are scheduled in the future.

An unredeemed gift is a gift that was paid for and sent via email to the recipient, but never redeemed and turned into a subscription. The table breaks down these gifts based on what month they were originally purchased.

In addition, you can see the upcoming scheduled gifts, listed by week. This can be particularly helpful around the holidays when planning inventory for new gifted subscriptions.

To view a list of all unredeemed gifts, you can go to the View > Past Orders page and filter by "Order Type" is "Unredeemed Gift Subscription". This will display all the gift purchases that have been made.

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