Yes! If you're on Shopify Plus, you can leverage the Shopify Flow app to create automations and "flows" with your referral program.

Currently, Conjured Referrals offers 4 triggers:

  • Advocate Signup - Trigger when an advocate enters their name/email address in your referral program.
  • Friend Signup - Trigger when a friend enters their name/email address to redeem a discount code in your referral program.
  • Advocate Shared - Trigger when an Advocate shares a referral link.
  • Successful Referral - Trigger after a Friend orders using their redeemed discount, if the order isn't cancelled/refunded, when the Advocate Reward Email is sent.

These 4 triggers enable you to create a slew of custom features that don't come native with Conjured Referrals. Here are a couple of ideas for flows you can create:

  • Keep track of Advocates to send custom gifts to - In some cases, you may want to offer your advocates a non-discount, non-gift card reward for referring their friends. For example, you could offer an Amazon gift card, or cash via PayPal, instead. Using our "Successful Referral" trigger in conjunction with a Google Sheets connector, you can add successful referrals to a spreadsheet so that your team can keep track of which Advocates to send your custom gift to.
  • Add a Slack message when a successful referral is made - Using the Slack connector, you can trigger a message to be added to specific Slack channel whenever a successful referral is made.

If you have an idea for a trigger or action you'd like us to add, or have a unique way you're leveraging Shopify Flow with Conjured Referrals, let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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