How can I implement Discounted Products as a perk to my members?

Many membership programs offer their members discounts on products within their stores. In order to enable this perk, head to the Perks tab and enable the "Discounted products or collections" option.

Be sure to select the correct tier from the dropdown box on the left.

Non-Shopify Plus Instructions
If you aren't on Shopify Plus, you'll be given the option to create a discount code applicable only to active members within this specific tier. The code you specify must be different for each tier. You can apply the discount to a specific product, to a specific collection, or to all products within your store.

If you're using a third-party app that allows you to discount products by customer tag automatically, you can use the tags specified to apply discounts automatically.

Once you've set up your discount code, you'll want to email your members to let them know their discount code. Note that the discount codes created by the app are limited to active members within the specified tier only - which means that even if non-members know the code, they won't be able to get the discounts unless they sign up for a membership.

Please note that the discount code won't apply automatically for members. Our current workaround is to implement a custom code snippet in your theme to prepopulate the discount code at checkout for logged-in members. If you want us to implement this for you, please contact us at

Shopify Plus Instructions

If your store is on Shopify Plus, then in addition to creating discount codes the same way a non-Shopify Plus store does (as mentioned above), you can also use Shopify's Script Editor app to automatically discount products for your members so they don't have to use a discount code.

In order to use the Script Editor option, be sure you have the Script Editor app installed. Once you've done so, click the Instructions button within Conjured Memberships. A modal will pop up with additional instructions.

Use Script Editor to create a "Line items" script with a "Blank template". Then copy/paste the contents of the code provided in the modal into the script editor script. Finally, publish your script.

If you'd like to limit your script to apply only to certain products, you can update line 3 of the script by adding a tag that is on the products you want to have discounted. For example, if you only want products that are tagged "NON-SALE" to be discounted, add "NON-SALE" between the quotes on line 3.

You can also specify the discount percentage on line 4. In the screenshot above, it's set to 20, which means products will be 20% off.

Finally, your discount message on line 5 will display when a membership discount is applied.

If you have any questions or would like any custom mechanics for your automated discounts, email us at and we can help you come up with custom script code to achieve your goals.

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