Does Conjured Memberships add anything to my theme upon installation?

Nope! Conjured Memberships doesn't add anything to your theme when the app is installed. 

The app relies on "app embeds" and "app blocks" within your theme to display your membership selling plans. For more information, check out the tutorial How can I display the membership selling plans on my membership product?.

There are two pieces of functionality that do make edits to your theme:

Restricted Content: When you enable restricted content as a perk, Conjured Memberships will prompt you to add some code to your theme to restrict your selected content. If you feel comfortable editing your own theme's template files, you can alternately opt for the "Advanced" installation instructions. For more information about what code is added to your theme for restricted content, check out the tutorial How can I restrict content to a specific membership tier?.

Membership Dashboard: In order to allow your customers to manage their memberships, you'll need to redirect your login to the membership dashboard page. The easiest way to do this is via an "app embed". For more information, check out the tutorial How can I redirect my Shopify login to the membership dashboard?. If you would prefer to add a link to your membership dashboard within your existing customer account page, follow the instructions in this tutorial instead: How can I add a link to my membership dashboard to my customer account page?.

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