How much does Conjured Memberships cost?

Conjured Memberships offers the following pricing plans. All plans come with unlimited members, unlimited membership revenue, and free support:

  • STARTER: $9.99/month +2.9% of all membership transactions (minimum $0.10 per transaction)
  • GROWTH: $29/month +1.9% of all membership transactions (minimum $0.10 per transaction)
  • PLUS UNLIMITED: $69/month +0.9% of all membership transactions (minimum $0.10 per transaction)
  • FREE DEVELOPMENT: Free for Shopify Partner Development Stores. Access to All Features for Testing & Development

The membership transactions fee relates to all transactions that involve the membership product: When a new customer buys the membership and when the membership renews. This does not affect how much the customers spend in your store.

If you're interested in more custom features, such as API access, or want to discuss volume pricing, we also offer an enterprise tier. Contact us for more details.

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