Does Conjured Memberships integrate with Sendgrid?

For deliverability and anti-spam reasons, Conjured Memberships sends all emails from and uses your email address as a reply-to. In order to have the emails sent from your email address, we integrate with Sendgrid.

To integrate Sendgrid, you'll need to generate a "Full Access" API key by going to Settings > API Keys within your Sendgrid account. Create a new key, and copy it.

Head over to the Settings page in Conjured Memberships and scroll to the "Sendgrid Integration" section. Click the "Enable" button, paste your API Key in, and save your changes.

The last thing you may want to consider is enabling Domain Authentication within Sendgrid for the domain you plan to send your emails from. This will ensure email deliverability for all the emails sent by the app through your Sendgrid account. For more information, refer to the Sendgrid tutorial, How to set up domain authentication.

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