What types of memberships can I offer with Conjured Memberships?

Conjured Memberships enables you to to create several different types of membership programs:


By offering a membership program that gives members free shipping, discounts on products, or first-look access to new product drops, you not only make recurring revenue, but also build brand loyalty in your highest value customers. 

Many stores would love a way to generate recurring revenue, but don't sell products that lend themselves well to a "subscribe-and-save" type subscription model. With a clothing store, for example, customers would never sign up to receive the same item each month. These types of stores can benefit from the recurring revenue offered by a "Prime"-style membership program.

Digital Content

An increasing number of businesses are offering digital content behind a paywall. Sites like Hulu, Coursera, and Masterclass enable their users to pay a monthly fee to access content. Whether digital content is your primary revenue stream, or you're looking to add gated digital content to your existing store, Conjured Memberships can help.

Hardware/Software Subscriptions

Merchants selling a physical piece of "smart" hardware often require a subscription to access associated content. Examples of this type of model include Peloton and Whoop - when you purchase the hardware, you need an associated subscription in order to access the content provided to or by the hardware. 

Conjured Memberships enables merchants selling "smart" hardware to sell the associated membership to their content at the same time, within Shopify. Using our API, merchants can connect their associated apps to Conjured Memberships to ensure that the user is an active member. This not only makes it easier for the end-customer (because they don't need to purchase the membership in a different location), but also increases the merchant's revenue due to decreased transaction costs as the various app stores take a large percentage cut.

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