How can I add my members to a special mailing list?

In many cases, you'll want to segregate your members into separate mailing lists so that you can send them special members-only updates. To do this, select the "Add to special mailing list" perk.

You can choose between Klaviyo or Mailchimp as your email marketing provider. Enter the API key information and the desired list/audience, as well as whether you want to bypass your customer's opt-in preferences. If you choose to require opt-in, the Shopify customer must have agreed to accept marketing in order to be added to the list.

Here's a guide on how to obtain the API keys with:

Users will automatically be removed from your mailing list when their membership is cancelled. Additionally, if you have different mailing lists for different tiers, and a member switches from one tier to another, they will automatically be removed from the list for the old tier and added to the list for the new tier.

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