Can members switch between tiers? Can they change their payment plan?

Yes, members can switch between tiers and payment plans on their membership dashboard. When they click the "See more plans" link, a modal will pop up that will show them the available tiers and payment plans to choose from. 

You can also edit your members' tiers on their member page within Conjured Referrals. Go to the Members section of the app and click "View details" next to the member.

From there, you can edit your members' tier and payment plan from the dropdown. Your changes will automatically save when you select a new option from the dropdown.


  • Any changes made between tiers will take place immediately. This means any upgrades will result in immediate access to content in the higher tier, while downgrades will result in immediate removal of access from the content in the higher tier.
  • When a membership is upgraded, the member is immediately billed for the higher tier and their renewal date is changed accordingly. For example, if a member upgrades from the Bronze Tier ($10/month) to the Silver Tier ($20/month) on October 15, they will immediately be charged $20 and their next renewal date will be November 15.
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