Does Conjured Memberships integrate with Shopify Flow?

Yes! If you're on Basic, Shopify, Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plans, you can leverage the Shopify Flow app to create automations and "flows" with your membership program.

Currently, Conjured Membership offers 6 triggers:

  • Membership Started - Trigger when a membership is started.
  • Membership Trial Started - Trigger when a free trial is started. This will fire in addition to the Membership Started trigger when a free trial is enabled.
  • Membership Cancelled - Trigger when a membership is cancelled.
  • Membership Reactivated - Trigger when a membership is reactivated.
  • Payment Succeeded - Trigger when a membership payment has been made successfully
  • Payment Failed - Trigger when a membership payment has failed.

These 6 triggers enable you to create a slew of custom features that don't come native with Conjured Memberships. Here are a couple of ideas for flows you can create:

  • Let a mobile app know when a new membership has been started or cancelled - Many “smart” products have a companion app that needs to have membership data synced so that the app can display the appropriate member status for a user. Using Shopify’s “Send HTTP Request” action, you can notify your app whenever a membership is started, cancelled, or reactivated.
  • Add a Slack message when a new member signs up - Notify your team in a Slack channel that a new member has signed up.

If you have an idea for a trigger or action you'd like us to add, or have a unique way you're leveraging Shopify Flow with Conjured Memberships, let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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