When I try to add the membership to my cart, I am getting the error "Variant can only be purchased with a selling plan". What do I do?

If you're seeing the error "Variant can only be purchased with a selling plan" on your membership product page when you try to purchase a membership, it usually means that the selling plans haven't been added properly to your theme, so Shopify isn't able to find the subscription payment option associated with the membership tier you're trying to purchase.

Follow the instructions in the tutorial How can I display the membership selling plans on my membership product? to add the selling plans to your membership product page.

If you've done that, and the selling plans are still not showing up, find your membership product within Shopify, and make sure that the product type is set to "Conjured Membership":

If you're still having trouble even after implementing one of the options listed, or if you'd like any help styling the "Plans" box that is displayed, contact us - we're here to help!

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