Why is a member not showing up in the Conjured Memberships app dashboard?

Generally this issue occurs when the customer has purchased a membership product via a draft order. 

The way Conjured Memberships (and all other subscription apps) works is by creating a product within Shopify that has associated selling plans, which can be used to charge a customer a recurring payment. When that product is purchased, Shopify creates the subscription contract, and informs our app that the subscription has been created. Our app then handles tagging the Customer account, implementing membership perks, and rebilling the member through Shopify's Subscription API.

Unfortunately, Shopify has very specific limitations on how subscription contracts can be created. One of these limitations is that subscriptions can not be created from a draft order. This means that if a membership is purchased via a draft order, a subscription contract will not be created, Shopify will not store that customer's billing information, and will not inform our app that a new member needs to be added.

To find out if a draft order was used to create an order, open that order in Shopify and scroll down to the bottom to the first action listed. You should see something like this if it was created from a draft order:

Something to keep in mind is that there are several apps, such as Ultimate Special Offers, that work by creating draft orders in order to apply discounts. If you have an app like this installed, it may interfere with your ability to offer subscriptions (via our app or any other). 

You can reach out to the third-party app creating draft orders to have them exclude the membership product so that the customer can go through the regular Shopify checkout. Alternatively, you need to add a banner in your store that prompts customers to checkout just with the membership product in the cart.

If you are still having trouble with members not showing up in your app dashboard, please send us an email at support@conjured.co.

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