How can I test the membership without purchasing it?

In order for a subscription contract to be created within Shopify, Shopify requires that all membership purchases be made via the Online Store checkout. That means that, unfortunately, there is no way to add “fake” or “test” members. 

However, there are a couple of workaround options you can use to test the membership. It is important to note that both options proposed here require that you create a customer account in your store:

  1. Create a discount for 100% of the membership and buy it: Since Shopify houses all the credit card data for customers and is the holder of the actual "subscription contract," the only real way to test would be to purchase a membership. What you can do is create a 100% discount code so that you can checkout without being charged.
  2. Adding the membership tags to an account: By adding the membership tags, the customer account will have access to all the membership perks/options. You can find the tags by going to the Conjured Membership app > Memberships > Perks > Custom Perk. 

Note: With this option number 2, you will not see the member in your Memberships dashboard since the actual transaction never happened.

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