Can Conjured Memberships be embedded on a headless instance of Shopify?

With Conjured Memberships, memberships are created as products in your Shopify store with selling plans. As long as your headless website calls Shopify's "Add Product" API with an included selling plan ID, purchasing the membership should work the same way purchasing any other product would.

Certain perks that Conjured Memberships offer (such as the restricted content perk) would not work "out of the box" since they only apply to your Shopify theme. You would need to add content gating based on the Customer's tag manually. If you have any trouble with this, we would be happy to help with the implementation.

One last thing to keep in mind that the membership management dashboard is served by an "App Proxy", so it appears as if it is part of your Shopify store. The membership dashboard currently does not support being a part of a headless Shopify instance and would need to be displayed in your Shopify theme. This does use liquid and requires a customer to be logged in to their Shopify store account to manage it.

If you still have questions about how Conjured Memberships works with a headless instance of Shopify, please send us an email at

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