I'm trying to merge a member with another customer profile in Shopify but it's not working. How can I merge the customer profiles?

There are instances when a customer may purchase the membership without being logged into their account. In those cases, the membership will be associated with the email address they used at checkout. If that email address is different from the one they typically use to log in to their account, a second customer profile will show up in Shopify that will have the membership subscription contract and member tags associated with it. 

As a result, you might be trying to merge the two customer profiles; however, according to the Limitations for merging customer profiles from Shopify, two profiles can't be merged when either of the customer profiles has a subscription contract: 

A subscription contract is created on Shopify when a customer purchases the membership product. Unfortunately, due to this limitation within Shopify, merging customer profiles wouldn't be possible in this case, even if the membership is cancelled.

In this circumstance, you'll either need to prompt the customer to create a new customer account using the email address associated with the member, or you'll need to cancel the membership and tell the user to repurchase using the email address associated with their customer account.

To avoid this from happening in the future, you may want to require your customers to log in to their accounts before checkout. You can do this from your Shopify admin's Settings > Checkout

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