Can I manually add a member?

Sometimes your customers might purchase a membership by phone or any other means, in this case you might be looking to manually add them to your membership program in our app.

Unfortunately, Conjured Memberships doesn't support manually adding a member. This is because a membership product is based on a subscription purchase with recurring charges. The subscription contract is created in Shopify when customers check out with the membership product in their cart. Shopify then informs our app that a subscription has been made, and then the app handles tagging the customer and ongoing rebilling through Shopify's Subscription API.

Since this is a limitation in Shopify's capabilities, we cannot bypass it:

As an alternative, you have two options for this customer to be added as a member within the app:

  1. Create a 100% discount for them to use at checkout to buy the membership product. This way, the subscription contract will be created within Shopify, and our app will handle the membership as usual.
  2. If you have their payment information, you can go through the checkout with the membership on behalf of the customer (you can also create a 100% discount for this, so no additional charges are made to their payment method). Please note that this cannot be done through a draft order due to Shopify limitations outlined here.

NOTE: If you are looking to import members from another platform, and you have access to their payment information, check out our article about Importing Members from other platforms.

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