How do I customize my Membership Product Page?

Basic Product Description

When you set up a campaign, our app will create a Membership Product, where you can add a description that suits the service you’re offering.

The product description block is generally displayed by default on the default product page template. If it doesn't show, check your theme editor settings, and confirm that description block is enabled.

Custom Product Page

If you wish to go beyond your content and design and add a special layout for your membership product, you can take advantage of Shopify theme blocks:

  1. Go to the Theme editor and select the Products templates. (Live theme)
  2. Click the Create Template button.

    Note: The template must exist on the live theme, but after you create it there, you can start editing on an unpublished copy.

  3. Go to your Shopify admin, open the Products tab, and find the Membership Product.
  4. Under “Theme template”, select the template name you just created, and click Save.

  5. You may now refresh the theme editor page. And begin adding blocks and contents to your Membership Product page.

    If the membership product doesn’t show in the editor, you can change the “Preview” setting for your membership product.

For a more advanced design, please contact us at with your mockup and ideas. We'll assess them and do our best to bring your vision to life - free of charge!

Featured Product Section

Due to the limitations within many Shopify themes, our app’s selling plan widgets do not typically work with the "Featured Product" sections out of the box. You may try adding the selling plans snippets from the Advanced instruction in our article How can I display the membership selling plans on my membership product?; if you're not comfortable making these changes or the edits didn't work, please contact us at, and we can modify the section of your particular theme for that purpose.

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