How do I set up membership emails to send from Klaviyo?

By default, Conjured Memberships sends all the membership-related emails on your behalf. The emails sent by the app are:

  • Welcome Email: This email is sent when a customer purchases a new membership.
  • Cancelled Membership Email: This email is sent when a membership is cancelled. It is sent when the member cancels the membership themselves, when an admin cancels the membership on behalf of a member, and when the membership is cancelled due to failed charges.
  • Failed Charge Email: If you have rebilling attempts enabled, this email is sent when a charge is attempted and fails. 

If you would prefer to manage these emails via Klaviyo, you can choose to enable the "Send emails from Klaviyo?" option on the Email Settings tab in your membership:

Once you've done that, head over to the Settings page in Conjured Memberships and make sure Klaviyo integration is turned on, and all the events are being logged:

If you need any help finding your Klaviyo API keys, refer to the tutorial Does Conjured Memberships integrate with Klaviyo? for assistance.

Once you've finished integrating Klaviyo within Conjured Memberships, you'll need to create Klaviyo Flows to handle your Welcome Email, your Cancellation Email, and your Failed Membership Charge Email. Open Klaviyo, go to the Flows menu item in the left navigation, then click the "Create Flow" button.

Select the "Create from scratch" template option, give your Flow a name, and click "Create Flow" again to continue. Select the "Metric" trigger from the left side:

Then select the metric you'd like to use. Below are the emails and corresponding metrics you should use:

  • Welcome Email: Select "Conjured Memberships - Membership Started" as the metric.
  • Cancellation Email: Select "Conjured Memberships - Membership Cancelled" as the metric.
  • Failed Charge Email: Select "Conjured Memberships - Failed Charge" as the metric.

Once you've selected your trigger metric, and set any filters you'd like, click "Done" at the bottom of the left side of the screen. Next, select the "Email" action, and drag it under your trigger in the flow chart:

Clicking on the flow chart box (where it says Email #1 in the screenshot above) lets you customize the email. Once you're finished customizing the email, make sure the "Send Status" of your email is set to send, and click "Save & Exit" in the top right of your screen. Your flow should be active and will send your email to customers matching your trigger event going forward.

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