I want members to lose access to their perks when they cancel but not be charged if they reactivate during their pay period.

By default, Conjured Memberships has two cancellation policy options. When a membership is cancelled, members can either lose access to their perks right away (in which case, they'll be billed the next time they reactivate their membership, regardless of how soon after cancellation they do that), or members can lose access to their at the end of their pay period (in which case, they will not be charged for a reactivation as long as it occurs prior to the end of their pay period).
There may be some instances in which you want customers to lose access to their perks right away when they cancel, but not be billed when they reactivate inside of the pay period. That's where this tutorial comes in!
To get started, we'll need Shopify Flow installed in the store. Once the app is installed, follow the steps below:
1. Set the membership cancellation policy to " Cancel membership perks at the end of the pay period":

This will ensure that they won't be charged again if the member cancels and then reactivates inside the pay period they originally paid for.

2. Since, with the setting above, the members can access their membership perks after canceling the membership, you can set up 2 Shopify Flow workflows using our app's triggers to solve this. They would look something like the following:

Remove Active Membership Tag:

Add Active Membership Tag:

These workflows are triggered by our app's Shopify Flow triggers (Membership Reactivated and Membership Cancelled) and add/remove the active membership tag from the customer when those actions are taken. 
You must change the handle [name of your membership] in the second step and the tag in the third step to match your specific membership.
To find the handle, open the membership Settings tab in Conjured Memberships and scroll to the URL section:
To find the membership tag, open the membership Perks tab in Conjured Memberships and scroll to the "Custom perk" option:

Note: This change won't be retroactive. If a member has canceled before the change to the policy setting and they reactivate after this change is added, they will still be charged. This will only work for members who cancel after you make this update.

If you require additional support in creating the workflows, please get in touch with us at support@conjured.co!

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