How can I implement Free Shipping as a perk to my members?

For "Prime"-style membership programs, you may want to offer your members free shipping. In order to enable this perk, head to the Perks tab and enable the "Discounted products or collections" perk. Be sure to select the correct tier from the dropdown box on the left.

Non-Shopify Plus Instructions

If you aren't on Shopify Plus, there are a few ways to offer free shipping to your members.

The easiest option is to create a discount code for free shipping, applicable only to customers with the membership tags. For more information about how to do this, refer to the tutorial How can I implement Free Shipping to my members using a discount code?

If you are planning on offering your members a discount code on products or collections as a perk, you may not want to use a discount code for free shipping, since Shopify only allows one discount code to be used at a time. In that case, we recommend you try one of the following third-party apps. Refer to the associated help article to enable free shipping for your members:

How can I implement Free Shipping to my members using Bespoke Shipping?

Shopify Plus Instructions

If your store is on Shopify Plus, then in addition to the options mentioned above, you can also use Shopify's Script Editor app to automatically offer free shipping to your members.

In order to use the Script Editor option, be sure you have the Script Editor app installed. Once you've done so, click the Instructions button within Conjured Memberships. A modal will pop up with additional instructions.

Use Script Editor to create a "Shipping rates" script with a "Blank template". Then copy/paste the contents of the code provided in the modal into the script editor script, and publish your script.

If you have any questions or would like any custom mechanics for your shipping rates, email us at and we can help you come up with custom script code to achieve your goals.
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