What types of perks and services can I offer my members?

Conjured Memberships offers several built-in perks out-of-the-box.

Restricted Content: If you want to provide members-only content, Conjured Memberships offers the ability to restrict pages, products, collections, blogs, and articles based on membership or tier. For more information about how to enable this perk, refer to the tutorial How can I restrict content to a specific membership tier?.

Free Shipping: For "Prime"-style membership programs, you may want to offer your members free shipping. For more information on how to enable free shipping for your members, refer to the tutorial How can I implement Free Shipping as a perk to my members?.

Discounted Products/Collections: In many membership programs, members are offered discounts on products or collections within the store. To enable discounted products for your members, refer to the tutorial How can I implement Discounted Products as a perk to my members?.

Free Gift Upon Signup: As a thank you to your new member, you may want to offer them a free gift when they sign up. To learn more about this perk, refer to the tutorial How can I send a free gift to my members on signup?.

Special Mailing List Signup: You may want to put your members on a separate mailing list so that you can email them members-only offers. To do so, refer to the tutorial How can I add my members to a special mailing list?.

Give members store credit (using CreditsYard): As a way to create engagement and thank your members for their continued support and loyalty, Conjured Memberships integrates with CreditsYard to give store credits to your members upon purchasing or renewal. To learn how to implement this integration, please refer to Does Conjured Memberships integrate with CreditsYard?

Sell digital downloads: We’ve partnered with best-in-Shopify digital leader Sky Pilot. As part of your membership program, now you can sell and send videos, music, ebooks, podcasts, PDFs, PNGs, EMPs, and JPGs. Contact us for additional information.

Integration with an iOS or Android App via API Integration: Merchants offering a hardware/software pairing (such as companies like Peloton or Whoop) may want to offer an integration between their membership and their mobile app. If you're interested in this feature, please contact us for pricing and additional information.

Custom Perks: Because our app adds tags to your Shopify Customer indicating their membership status and tier, you can use these tags to implement your own custom perks. For more information about how to use these tags, refer to the tutorial How can I offer custom perks to my members?.

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