How do I launch a membership program?

Follow the steps below to launch your membership program.

1. Create your membership

Start by clicking the "Add new membership" button to go to the membership creation form. Fill out the General Info with information about your membership. All the details here will be used to create the membership product in Shopify and will be visible to your customers.

Next, add your tiers (ex: Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and your payment options (ex: $30/month or $300/year). Your tier names will be visible to your customers. Your tiers' unique handle will not be visible to your customers but is not changeable once you've created it.

Also, you now have the option to provide a free trial to your valued members. In this section, you can specify the duration of the free trial in days. When your customers initially check out, they won't be charged anything, enjoying the full benefits of their chosen tier and payment option during the trial period.

During the free trial, members will receive all the perks that come with full membership, and they will be subject to the same cancellation policy that you will choose. Once the trial period concludes, they will be charged the full amount for the selected tier and payment option.

Finally, decide if you want to start with a template for your perks. This is just to get your imagination going, so don't worry about getting this option exactly right - you can edit all your perks in the next step. 

2. Specify your perks

Once you create your membership, you'll be sent to the Perks tab of your membership. Add the perks below to your tiers by selecting the tier from the dropdown at the top of the page (if you have more than one tier), and checking the boxes next to the relevant perks. Be sure to save your changes after editing. 
  • Restricted Content: If you want to provide members-only content, Conjured Memberships offers the ability to restrict content based on membership or tier. For more information about how to enable this perk, refer to the tutorial How can I restrict content to a specific membership tier?.
  • Free Shipping: For "Prime"-style membership programs, you may want to offer your members free shipping. For more information on how to enable free shipping for your members, refer to the tutorial  How can I implement Free Shipping as a perk to my members?.
  • Discounted Products/Collections: In many membership programs, members are offered discounts on products or collections within the store. To enable discounted products for your members, refer to the tutorial  How can I implement Discounted Products as a perk to my members?.
  • Free Gift Upon Signup: As a thank you to your new members, you may want to offer them a free gift when they sign up. To learn more about this perk, refer to the tutorial  How can I send a free gift to my members on signup?.
  • Special Mailing List Signup: You may want to put your members on a separate mailing list so that you can email them members-only offers. To do so, refer to the tutorial  How can I add my members to a special mailing list?.
  • Integration with an iOS or Android App via API Integration: Merchants offering a hardware/software pairing (such as companies like Peloton or Whoop) may want to offer an integration between their membership and their mobile app. If you're interested in this feature, please contact us for pricing and additional information.
  • Custom Perks: Because our app adds tags to your Shopify Customers indicating their membership status and tier, you can use these tags to implement your own custom perks. For more information about how to use these tags, refer to the tutorial  How can I offer custom perks to my members?.

3. Edit your email and rebilling settings

On the Email Settings tab of your membership page, you can modify all the emails sent by the app and adjust your rebilling settings. The emails sent by the app are:

  • Welcome Email: This email is sent when a customer purchases a new membership.
  • Cancelled Membership Email: This email is sent when a membership is cancelled. It is sent when the member cancels the membership themselves when an admin cancels the membership on behalf of a member, and when the membership is canceled due to failed charges.
  • Failed Charge Email: If you have rebilling attempts enabled, this email is sent when a charge is attempted and fails. 

All emails support full HTML markup. If you'd like to customize your emails to match your marketing emails, refer to the tutorial Can I add images to the emails sent by Conjured Memberships? What about HTML?.

By default, emails are sent by Conjured; however, you can opt to send the emails via Klaviyo and/or have Churnbuster manage your Failed Charge emails. 

4. Display your selling plans on your membership product

Now that you've configured your membership, you'll need to add the selling plans (pricing options) to your membership product within Shopify. Go to the Installation tab of the membership page. You have 3 options for how to add the selling plans to your product page.

  • App Embed: This option is the easiest to enable. Follow the instructions to go to your theme and enable the Inject Selling Plans app to embed on your product page. This feature will attempt to add the selling plans to your product page automatically. 
  • Online Store 2.0: If your theme takes advantage of Shopify's new Online Store 2.0 schema, you can add the Selling Plans as a block or section within the product page. This gives you slightly more control over where the selling plans are displayed on your product page.
  • Advanced: If you prefer to have full control over how your selling plans are displayed, you can use the provided code to paste into your templates/product.liquid template manually.

For more information on all the options listed, please refer to the tutorial How can I display the membership selling plans on my membership product?

5. Customize your membership dashboard design and add a link to your customer account page

Last but not least, you'll want to update your membership dashboard by going to the Design page within Conjured Memberships. The membership dashboard is where your members go to manage their membership. You can use the custom layouts, or if you feel comfortable with HTML, use the Custom Layout option to edit the content of your membership dashboard. 

Once you're happy with how your membership dashboard looks, you'll need to add a link to your membership dashboard within your customer account page. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the tutorial How can I add a link to my membership dashboard to my customer account page?

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